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Photo by Chris Greer
Nominating Dinner, 2016. Master of Horse David Loda displays dragoon tactics to members and guests

This is the website of Gold's Dragoons, Inc. which was raised in Fairfield, Connecticut, in 1660 as a British colonial militia unit to fight the Dutch and Pequots. The raising of the troop was confirmed under a Royal Charter of King Charles II in 1662. A successor volunteer Connecticut reserve force cavalry unit of the same name was re-raised in 1932, from members of the Fairfield Hunt Club.
The aim of the site is to perpetuate the memory of Gold's Dragoons and its members, past and present, who have joined together over the years to celebrate the spirit of military service in the United States and British Commonwealth. Gold's Dragoons is not a charity and no payment for any of our events is tax-deductible.
We salute our long time member, Captain Tom Hudner who has been honored by having a navy ship named for him. USS Thomas Hudner was launched in April this year in Bath, Maine. Tom is Gold's Dragoons' only living recipient of the Congressional Medal of Honor.
Our congratulations to the Father of The Regiment, Piper Gordon Wheeler, who was 100 years old on June 18th, 2017.
Members of Gold's Dragoons are authorized to wear the scarlet, blue and gold mess dress that continues the scarlet drill uniform worn by troopers in the 1930s and also honors the hunt colors of the Fairfield County Hounds. We encourage the wearing of trews in the Black Watch or Hunting Stewart tartan of our patron, King Charles Stewart in either mess dress or black tie. For details click on the Mess Dress tab.
Gold's holds a number of sporting clays shoots each year, of which two, in the spring and fall, under the guidance of our shooting captain, Hugh Schoelzel, have formal dinners and trophy awards are contested. The spring shoot for 2017 was held on May 6th at the Orvis Sandanona grounds in Millbrook, NY. The fall 2016 shoot was held in the same location on October 1st. For photographs and trophy winners click on the Sporting Clays tab. The fall 2017 shoot will be on October 14th.
Our 2017 Annual Nominating Dinner was held on Friday, May 5th and seventeen new members were inducted into the troop. Please note that the dinner has reverted to the historical first Friday in May. We were addressed by General Howard Yellen in a talk entitled "My Twenty Years in SOF and the Future Defense Expansion". During the evening we also marked the centenary of the US entry into World War I with pipes and drums and songs of that era. For details on trophies awarded at the 2017 Nominating Dinner, click on the Awards/Speakers tab.
The 2016 Gold's Dragoons Polo Cup final game was played on Sunday, August 28th, at the Fairfield Hunt Club, and Gold's Dragoons retained the cup with a final score of 11 - 4. Photographs of the 2016 game can be found by clicking on the Polo tab. The 2017 game will be played at the same location on August 27th. 
The formal 2016 polo dinner dance, which is also our Annual Ladies Guest Night, was held at the Fairfield Hunt Club, on Saturday, August 27th. From the arrival at the gallop of our Master of Horse, David Loda, carrying the Gold's guidon, through the piper's serenade, the "sabrage" by saber of the polo champagne, to the dancing - courtesy of the top-class Johnny Morris orchestra - made for a memorable evening. Photographs from the 2016 dinner can be found on the Annual Guest Night tab.
The 2017 polo dinner dance and Ladies Guest Night will be held on August 26th. A member alert has been sent and the price remains at $85 pp. If you have not received it please contact the email below. Having dispensed with quill pens and inkwells many years ago we are happy to announce that Golds Dragoons has entered the digital age for payments for this and all future events. While checks will still be acceptable, we prefer that members use our PayPal account with either their own PayPal account for settlement or by a credit or debit card. The access link for the Golds Dragoons account has been emailed to all members.
We offer a repeat of the dinner dance traditions established last year; the delivery of the troop guidon to the mess president at the gallop by Master of Horse, David Loda, a piping recital by the Gold's Dragoons duty piper, Terence McGovern, and dancing by the ever popular Johnny Morris orchestra. We are doubling up on the sabrage this year with two bottles  of champagne being opened by sabers. The polo cup will be filled and all polo players, past and current will be required to imbibe, followed by all uniformed members of Gold's Dragoons.
This year marks the 85th anniversary of Gold's Dragoons being  mustered into the Connecticut militia as a cavalry troop. To mark the occasion we will be entertained at dinner by the classically trained Miss Gretchen Tucker singing favorites from the 1930s and 1940s Big Band era. Miss Tucker will also sing the National Anthem a capella at the polo cup final the following day.    

 Formal events for Gold's Dragoons in 2017 include:
   January 14th, VCA mess dinner - Fort Hamilton, NYC
   February 3rd morning, Gold's Real Tennis Tournament, Newport
   February 3rd, Victorian Military History Dinner -  Newport, R.I.
   April 19th, Princeton Off. Soc. dinner , NJ
   May 5th, Gold's Dragoons Nominating Dinner - Westport, Ct
   May 6th, Gold's Spring clays shoot and lunch, Sandanona, NY
   June 10, Bristol British Motorcar Festival dinner, R.I.
   June 21st, Princeton Officers Society Ladies Guest Night, NJ 
   August 26th, Gold's Dragoons Annual Guest Night - Westport
   August 27th, Gold's Dragoons Polo Cup match - Westport
   September 15th, The British Invasion of Stowe, Vermont
   September, tba, Governors Foot Guard mess dinner, Hartford, Ct
   October 3rd, Squadron A "First Tuesday" mess dinner, NYC
   October 14th, Fall Shoot at Sandanona, semi-formal dinner, Mllbrk
   October, tba, Princeton Off. Soc., fall formal dinner, Princeton, NJ
   November 25th, tbc, Evacuation Day ceremony, Bowling Grn, NYC
   December 6th, Squadron A annual Christmas Party - NYC
   December 13th, Princeton Officers' Society Ladies Guest Night, NJ

John Woods Conlin
Mess President
Gold's Dragoons

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